I am a working artist and instructor based in Sacramento, California.  I have been teaching and showing my art for over 15 years.  I am particularly known for my acrylic and encaustic workshops.  

So what inspires me as an artist? I love the earth. I will totally nerd-out dissecting landscapes, and skies. The other love of my life are abstracts (swoon). I am also a fully fledged "color nerd."  These are a few subject matters that I focus on in my workshops.

The number one reason I paint is to inspire others to pick up the brush.

In my opinion, art (especially hands on, down and dirty, for-realizes painting) is the gateway to elevated creative problem solving. We need that now more than ever. If I can help facilitate a creative shift in one person, one community, I consider that my part in making our planet a better place than it already is.

My online classroom gives me a platform that allows me to reach more totally awesome people who are motivated to begin and continue their painting practice. After a steep learning curve in video production which may or may not have included lots and lots of swear words, Jaya's Art School is finally here! #BOOM

Level up your color mixing game!

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of color mixing? The painting process does not have to be trial and error. Build your color mixing confidence with Color Mix Masterclass!

I want in!

Send me painting super tips, upcoming virtual e-course/workshop/demo announcements and all-round artsy awesomeness!