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Make Color Mixing Make Sense

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Color Mix Masterclass begins with the basics and then extends far beyond...

This course is a huge comprehensive online resource that will help you to understand how colors interact with each other so you can intentionally mix the color you want.  We will go deep into the "How" and "Why" of color mixing.  A LOT of theory and behind-the-scenes info will be covered in addition to practice and practical application.  So many questions will be answered, questions you didn't even know you had!  

This course is packed with over 4 hours of video lectures and tutorials, over 30 pages of PDF visual aid downloads, and an incredible amount of online literature diving into how to successfully color mix.

Some topics that we cover in Color Mix Masterclass are:

How to "read" color and understand color pigment personalities.

Primary colors and how to mix a balanced secondary color.

How to use matte medium to control color saturation and glazing.

The roles of white and black in tints, tones and shades.

How to mix beautiful muted colors and earth tones.

Color matching, color schemes, and limited color palettes.

Above all...putting it into practice!

This course is lecture- and exercise-driven.  We will be painting oh so many beautiful color swatches and will ultimately end up with a gorgeous swatch book that you can refer to in your painting practice and show off to your friends!  We will also expand on these technical swatches and put our exercises into practice with 5 basic painting projects.

Having a solid method to start from, such as the one you will learn in this course, will help to accelerate your painting progress.  There is a lot of repetition in this course.  This is ON PURPOSE because the more you practice, the more you develop muscle memory.  When you develop muscle memory the guesswork goes away and you don't have to think so hard when color mixing.

More importantly, you will begin to see positive results in your own artistic practice.

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This course is for you if...

  • Mud Takes Over

    You're tired of making "mud" and giant piles of sad, unusable colors. You'd like to get to that elusive color mix quickly and easily. You're ready for the guesswork to go away!

  • You're a Color Nerd

    You want to take a deep dive down the rabbit hole of color! You want to understand how and why colors interact the way they do. You get excited when you hear the term "Pigment Classification."

  • You're Ready to Level Up

    You'd like to expand your color mix knowledge. Whether you've plateaued or are eager to launch, you're ready to take your color mixing to the next level.


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  • 1

    1. Inspiration, Navigation, Evolution

    • Welcome to Color Mix Masterclass!

    • Tell Me About Yourself!

    • How to Navigate this Course

    • Everyone Learns Differently

    • Evolution of a Visual Artist

  • 2

    2. Materials, Glossary & Resources

    • Materials List & Resources

    • Materials Hacks

    • How to Clean Your Brushes

    • Make Your Swatch Book Work for YOU

    • Get Your Workspace Set Up for Success

    • Glossary of Terms

  • 3

    3. The Big Lecture: Cracking the Color Code

    • What We Will Learn...

    • Split Primary Color Wheel

    • Color "Bias"

    • Why These Colors?

    • 6 Primaries are Confusing!

    • Color Temperature & Psychology

    • Clear Up Color "Temperature" Confusion

    • Color Quiz!

  • 4

    4. Mud, Mutes, Math

    • What We Will Learn...

    • "Mud"

    • Color Math

    • True vs. Hue

    • Pigment DNA

    • The Difference Between Mud & Mutes

    • Stay in Harmony with a Limited Color Palette

    • Color Bias Determines Your Color Palette...With a Twist

    • Color Quiz!

  • 5

    5. Secondary Colors

    • What We Will Learn...

    • Before We Begin...

    • What are Primary & Secondary Colors?

    • Exercise Prep

    • About the Exercise & A Super Tip

    • Exercise: Violet Secondary Mix #1

    • Exercise: Violet Secondary Mix #2

    • Exercise: Green & Orange Secondary Mixes

    • About the Project

    • Project 1: Exploring Secondaries

    • Color Quiz!

  • 6

    6. Tints, Tones & Shades

    • What We Will Learn...

    • Understanding Hue, Value & Chroma

    • Tints, Tones & Shades

    • Black: Why You Need The Paint Tube & Why You Need To Know How To Make It

    • About the Exercise & Super Tip

    • Exercise: Blue Tints, Tones & Shades

    • Exercise: Red & Yellow Tints, Tones & Shades

    • Something a Little Unexpected

    • About the Project

    • Project 2: Exploring Tints, Tones & Shades

    • Color Quiz!

  • 7

    7. Natural Earth Tones 1: Muted Colors

    • What We Will Learn...

    • Mutes & Complementary Colors

    • Why Brown Paint is Important

    • About the Exercise & A Super Tip

    • Exercise: Mutes

    • About the Project

    • Project 3: Exploring Mutes

    • Color Quiz!

  • 8

    8. Natural Earth Tones 2: Chromatic Neutrals

    • What We Will Learn...

    • Chromatic Neutrals

    • About the Exercise & Super Tip

    • Exercise: Chromatic Neutrals Mix 1

    • Exercise: Chromatic Neutrals Mix 2

    • About the Project

    • Project 4 / Level 1: Exploring Chromatic Neutrals

    • Project 4 / Level 2: Exploring Chromatic Neutrals

    • Color Quiz!

  • 9

    9. Color Schemes, Limited Palettes & Color Matching

    • What We Will Learn...

    • Before We Begin...

    • Demystifying Color Schemes

    • Limited Color Palettes

    • Additional Colors to Add to Your Art Box

    • About the Exercise & A Super Tip

    • Exercise: Color Matching

    • About the Project

    • Project 5: It's All You!

    • Color Quiz!

  • 10

    10. YOU DID IT!

    • Where To Now?

    • Congratulations!

    • Share Your Experience

Color Mix Masters

Your enrollment includes access to an private Color Mix Masterclass student community right here on Jaya's Art School!

  • Engage

    Color Mix Masters is an internal student community specifically devoted to Color Mix Masterclass where you and fellow students can engage in feedback, critique and course conversation.

  • Connect

    Connect with your fellow color nerds. Ask questions and offer feedback related to the course. Your input matters! We want to hear from you!

  • Inspire

    Use your community to post images of your exercises and projects for feedback and to inspire others. Everyone has a different approach and your method might resonate with someone else.

Color Mix Masterclass FAQ

Curious or even a bit nervous about the online course experience? Check out a few frequently asked questions for a little insight!

  • This is my first online course and I'm a little nervous...what can I expect?

    Relax! Taking an online course is awesome because it's just you, your paints and virtual me! This course is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, Color Mix Masterclass is a Jaya-course which means you'll get a boatload of information that has a little personality to back it up. As an instructor I like to make the learning experience more engaging so the technical information sticks. This course has 10 chapters with multiple sections in each chapter. There are video tutorials throughout the entire course so you can watch the topic in action. After the initial lectures covering the backstory and "why" of color we will jump into the application (or "how") of color. We do this through step-by-step exercises and projects. Even though this course is virtual, you will still gain incredible value from the information that you can refer to whenever you like.

  • Am I going to miss out on the classroom experience?

    Taking an online course at home is very different from the classroom experience. However I wouldn't say that you're "missing out." True, you don't have immediate instructor interaction, however there are benefits to taking an online course. The first big win is that this course has information that extends far beyond a one-day live workshop. You will get so much more content that you can absorb at your own pace. You are able to take your time moving through the text, exercises and projects. You can pause, rewind and revisit whenever you like, where in a classroom environment we are on a more accelerated timetable and the class is over before you know it. Ever feel exhausted after class? Trust me I get it. Now that you can go at your own pace you can take breaks whenever you like. In a classroom you might miss something in a demo, maybe another student's head was in the way or you were sitting in the back of the class. Watching the course videos means you are upfront and personal! Taking an online course means zero stress about feeding a parking meter or listening to someone pop their gum next to you. Now you can make yourself comfortable at home, pour yourself a cup of coffee and study in your bunny slippers!

  • What if I have a question?

    Since this is a self-paced course I can understand that a question or two might come up. The good news is that this course has an internal student community right here in Jaya's Art School! Another way to engage with the course and post questions and comments is within the course itself with "discussions." These are two awesome resources where you will be able to engage with other students as well as pose questions. I am also active within all discussions because I want you to gain max value and support.

  • What skill level should take this course?

    This course is geared toward "the motivated-to-learn" beginner and intermediate acrylic artists. Ideally you want some basic familiarity with acrylic materials before diving in. This course explores color mixing with a lot of detail, method and science. This can be a little overwhelming for the novice painter who hasn't wet their brushes yet. Advanced artists will certainly gain value from this course as well. It is helpful to learn new methods to expand your painting practice. Some of my advanced students who have taken the course commented that this info was not taught in art school!

  • I'm an art instructor. Would this course benefit me?

    Absolutely! I can guarantee that there is information in this course that would be incredibly useful for your own art instruction. Experiencing another approach to color mixing can shed light on how you can better convey the subject to your own students.

"Can't I learn all this on YouTube (for free?)"

(Facepalm) Of COURSE you can! If you would like to spend hours of your time mining through video after video then more power to you! I don't know about you, but my YouTube experience is hit or miss. The video quality varies or the information is lacking. Having one consolidated go-to resource is invaluable. Oh did I forget to mention that YouTube doesn't have the intricate beautifully rendered downloadable handouts or the amazing internal student community that is included with this course?

  • Is this course live or pre-recorded?

    The videos in this course are all pre-recorded and not a live-stream. You will be able to access them whenever you like through your student dashboard in Jaya's Art School.

  • Is the course available all at once or are the lessons paced?

    You get it all at once! This means you can take the course at your own pace without waiting for the next lesson, or feel like you're behind. Take all the time you need to complete the course by logging into your student dashboard in Jaya's Art School.

  • Can I take this course in another medium?

    You can, just be aware that the course makes many references to using acrylic in terms of how to use the materials. Acrylic paint aside, the theory and method are the most important aspects and are applicable to color mixing across the board. Artists working in any painting medium would gain value from the information alone in Color Mix Masterclass.

  • How long do I have to complete my course?

    You have lifetime access to your course and that means you can start/stop/revisit for as long as you want! Of course it's a good idea to try to complete the course in a somewhat timely fashion so you're not needing to re-learn material. Once you've got the course -- you've got it and can take it at your own pace! As long as you don't cancel your student account you can access the course and it's community through your student dashboard on Jaya's Art School. Periodically, the course will be updated to make improvements. You will automatically have full access to every update.

Still curious? No worries!

You've got questions, I've got answers...

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