It's am I!

  • This is my first online course and I'm a little nervous...what can I expect?

    Relax! Taking an online course is awesome because it's just you, your paints and virtual me! This course is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, Color Mix Masterclass is a Jaya-course which means you'll get a boatload of information that has a little personality to back it up. As an instructor I like to make the learning experience more engaging so the technical information sticks. This course has 10 chapters with multiple sections in each chapter. There are video tutorials throughout the entire course so you can watch the topic in action. After the initial lectures covering the backstory and "why" of color we will jump into the application (or "how") of color. We do this through step-by-step exercises and projects. Even though this course is virtual, you will still gain incredible value from the information that you can refer to whenever you like.

  • Am I going to miss out on the classroom experience?

    Taking an online course at home is very different from the classroom experience. However I wouldn't say that you're "missing out." True, you don't have immediate instructor interaction, however there are benefits to taking an online course. The first big win is that this course has information that extends far beyond a one-day live workshop. You will get so much more content that you can absorb at your own pace. You are able to take your time moving through the text, exercises and projects. You can pause, rewind and revisit whenever you like, where in a classroom environment we are on a more accelerated timetable and the class is over before you know it. Ever feel exhausted after class? Trust me I get it. Now that you can go at your own pace you can take breaks whenever you like. In a classroom you might miss something in a demo, maybe another student's head was in the way or you were sitting in the back of the class. Watching the course videos means you are upfront and personal! Taking an online course means zero stress about feeding a parking meter or listening to someone pop their gum next to you. Now you can make yourself comfortable at home, pour yourself a cup of coffee and study in your bunny slippers!

  • What if I have a question?

    Scroll down this page a little further to the "Community & Feedback" section - I've got some answers for you...

  • Can't I learn all this on YouTube (for free?)

    (Facepalm) Of COURSE you can! If you would like to spend hours of your time mining through video after video then more power to you! I don't know about you, but my YouTube experience is hit or miss. The video quality varies or the information is lacking. Having one consolidated go-to resource is invaluable. Oh did I forget to mention that YouTube doesn't have the intricate beautifully rendered downloadable handouts or the amazing internal student community that is included with this course?


  • How much is Color Mix Masterclass?

    Color Mix Masterclass is a one-time payment of $295. It is also possible to purchase Color Mix Masterclass over the course of 3 months for $99/month. (You will be able to access the course immediately after your first $99 payment)

  • How do I access my course?

    You can access your course through your student dashboard on Login to your dashboard with the e-mail and password you used to create your account. You have lifetime access to this course which means that whenever the course is upgraded you automatically get the best and brightest version of Color Mix Masterclass!

  • How long do I have to complete my course?

    You have lifetime access to your course and that means you can start/stop/revisit for as long as you want! Of course it's a good idea to try to complete the course in a somewhat timely fashion so you're not needing to re-learn material. Once you've got the course -- you've got it and can take it at your own pace! As long as you don't cancel your student account you can access the course and it's community through your student dashboard on Jaya's Art School. Periodically, the course will be updated to make improvements. You will automatically have full access to every update.

  • Is the course available all at once or are the lessons paced?

    You get it all at once! This means you can take the course at your own pace without waiting for the next lesson, or feeling like you're behind. Take all the time you need to complete the course by logging into your student dashboard in Jaya's Art School.

  • Is this course live or pre-recorded?

    The videos in this course are all pre-recorded and not a live-stream. You will be able to access them whenever you like through your student dashboard in Jaya's Art School.

  • Where are the PDFs?

    The PDFs are dispersed throughout the lessons of the course. (Note that not all lessons have PDFs.) You will be alerted at the beginning of the lesson that there is a PDF available for download. You can locate the PDFs at the base of the page and download them directly to your computer.

  • Can I take this course in another medium?

    You can, just be aware that the course makes many references to using acrylic in terms of how to use the materials. Acrylic paint aside, the theory and method are the most important aspects and are applicable to color mixing across the board. Artists working in any painting medium would gain value from the information alone in Color Mix Masterclass.

  • Can I download the course and videos?

    Nope, the course and videos are only available online. You are able to download the PDFs and save them directly to your computer. You have lifetime access to this course through

  • Can someone else use my login to access the course?

    No, if multiple people access the course through same login then your account will be locked.


Anyone who would like to learn more about color or is tired of mixing "mud!"

  • What skill level should take this course?

    This course is geared toward "the motivated-to-learn" beginner and intermediate acrylic artists. Ideally you want some basic familiarity with acrylic materials before diving in. This course explores color mixing with a lot of detail, method and science. This can be a little overwhelming for the novice painter who hasn't wet their brushes yet. Advanced artists will certainly gain value from this course as well. It is helpful to learn new methods to expand your painting practice. Some of my advanced students who have taken the course commented that this info was not taught in art school!

  • I've never painted this course for me?

    Color Mix Masterclass has a lot of detail, method and science. This can be a little overwhelming for the novice painter who hasn't wet their brushes yet. If you are a novice, or you've never painted before, then I would consider this an "advanced" course. If you are inlined to enroll then I would suggest spending a little time familiarizing yourself with the materials before diving in. It is also helpful to watch and read the entire course first before squeezing out any paint and doing the exercises. I would never discourage someone from enrolling, however I want to make sure you know what you're jumping into!

  • I'm an art instructor. Would this course benefit me?

    Absolutely! I can guarantee that there is information in this course that would be incredibly useful for your own art instruction. Experiencing another approach to color mixing can shed light on how you can better convey the subject to your own students.


So what do I need to begin?

  • A basic understanding of acrylic tools and materials

    Even though we will be learning more about how to effectively use acrylic in the course, it is helpful to have a little time "behind the brush." If you are a painting newbie then I suggest taking your materials for a test-run before diving in.

  • A strong internet connection

    If your connection is weak then you may be sitting around waiting for the videos to load and that get old really fast.

  • A device capable of streaming video

    If you can stream YouTube, Netflix or other video applications then you're good to go!

  • An optional color printer

    Students have found that printing out the course PDFs on glossy paper is incredibly helpful.

  • A little time

    The awesome part of taking an online course is you can go at your own pace. Take your time moving through the text, exercises and projects. You can pause, rewind and revisit whenever you like. Devote some time throughout the day or week to advancing your painting progress.

  • Materials

    Have your materials ready before you begin the course! Check out the materials list below for an idea of what you'll need. The most important material to invest in are your artist grade paints.


I'd like to know what I need to buy before I decide to enroll...

Absolutely!  You are welcome to download the materials list here:  Materials List.pdf


YES you have an internal student community within the course! This is a wonderful platform to engage in conversation, offer insight, and peer review. I am also present in the community to offer feedback.

  • What kind of community does Jaya's Art School have?

    Each individual course has it's own internal student community that promotes engagement surrounding course topics. This includes sharing relevant progress pics, posing questions and offering feedback.

  • How do I access the community?

    You can access the community from your student dashboard. You will see an icon under "My Communities." The community is active after the course is launched.

  • Can I send my work to you for direct feedback?

    No. However I encourage you to participate within the course community! This is where you may post your work for peer and instructor review. Don't worry! I am also active within the community and respond to posts.

  • What if I have a question?

    Since this is a self-paced course I can understand that a question or two might come up. The good news is that this course has an internal student community right here in Jaya's Art School! Another way to engage with the course and post questions and comments is within the course itself with "discussions." These are two awesome resource s where you will be able to engage with other students as well as pose questions. I am also active within all discussions because I want you to gain max value and support.

  • What if I need more instruction? Do you offer private lessons?

    Yes! If you would like to expand your learning experience I have a private mentorship program via Zoom. This option offers you a more personal experience with in-depth one-on-one feedback for an additional fee. Check out the page "Feedback & Mentorship" for more information or e-mail me directly at

  • What are "discussions?"

    Lessons that enable "discussions" give students the opportunity to ask questions and comment within the course. These show up as posts within the lesson itself. Lessons with this feature have an expandable "discussion" button in the menu bar. Discussions are incredibly helpful because you might have a question that has been answered previously and you can see it within the lesson's discussion feed.



Do engage!  Your community is a platform where you can share your insights about the course.  

Do connect with your fellow color nerds.  Ask questions and offer feedback related to the course.  Your input matters!  We want to hear from you!

Do inspire!  Post images of your exercises and projects for feedback and to inspire others.  Everyone has a different approach and your method might resonate with someone else.

Do be positive and respectful.  Basically, be cool!  This is a community where students support one another and offer encouragement.


Don't be negative.  Resist the urge to use phrases like: "I can't do this.  I'll never get this.  I'm not good enough."  Instead, be constructive: "I'm having difficulty with this one, any suggestions?  This is a challenge.  I'm getting there"

Don't get off-topic.  Any outside-the-course posting including life-drama, politics, foodie, or puppy pics, will be removed.  Even though we all know puppies are cute.

Don't repost messages or content that has been previously removed.

Don't spam:  or do not post the same or similar content repeatedly

Don't share your personal information or other's personal information.

Don't advertise or self-promote.


Don't be rude.  Bullying, which includes disrespectful or inflammatory comments, is very much so not allowed.

Don't be creepy.  Jaya's Art School and the community is a safe space for creatives.  Keep the conversation to the course.  The community is not a dating site.  There is zero tolerance for posting any sexually explicit, illegal, graphic, or violent material or information.

Jaya's Art School reserves the right to remove posts and comments.  If a student violates the community guidelines then their posts/comments will be removed along with possible revocation of their posting privileges.  More than one violation may result in the loss of class  and/or community access without refund.

Tell me more about direct feedback, mentorship & private lessons


DON'T push the panic button!

  • I can't hear the videos

    Make sure that the volume is turned up both on your computer as well as in the video course player. The volume control is on the lower right of the video player toolbar.

  • Are there subtitles?

    Yes! Each video that has speech is closed captioned and you can turn the subtitles on and off in the video course player. The button to do this looks like CC (closed captioned) and you can select either "OFF" or "English" subtitles.

  • Is the courses available in other languages?

    At the moment all content and courses of Jaya's Art School are in English.


  • Uh oh...this course isn't for me. Can I have a refund?

    Absolutely! If you are dissatisfied with Color Mix Masterclass for any reason I am happy to offer a full refund within two weeks (14 days) of purchase. Try the course out and see how you like it! If it isn't what you had in mind then feel free to e-mail me directly at with reason for cancellation and a full refund.

  • Where's my refund?

    Refunds can take up to 10 business days to process. Course fees will be refunded in the same manner in which it was paid. For instance if you paid via PayPal then you will receive a PayPal refund. If you still haven't received your refund after 10 days please e-mail me at

  • What if I close my student account?

    I'm bummed to see you go! Before you close your student account just know that you have lifetime access to the course you purchased. If you close your account then you will lose access to these purchased courses. If you've closed your account on accident then please e-mail me at so I can help!

Connect with Jaya's Art School!

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